We Provide Commercial & Residentail Window Film Services

6 Major Benefit's

It’s remarkable how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve daily life.

Reflect Heat

This Window Film is the Perfect Solution for:
2° to 16° Reduction in Temperature
Upto 30% Reduction in Electric Bills
Energy Reduction
Fade Protection (Furnishings & Floors)
Glare Reduction
Consistent Look From The Exterior
99% UV Rejection
Added Privacy


BLUERAY Window Film Saves Your Valuables from
Fading. Fading is an Expensive Loss to Flooring, Upholstery,
Furniture, Artwork & other valuables that are in direct
sunlight or in direct contact with Sun. Fading is caused
by three major factors; UV rays, Heat and Sun light.
Out of these three, UV rays are the biggest single
contributing factor to fade. UV Clear Films
are designed specifically to reduce Heat & Glare which
in turn save Valuables inside Offices and Homes.



Save Money on Monthly Energy Consumptions.
BLUERAY window film can reject up to 92% of the Heat Energy
from Sun, which can help to save up to 30% on energy Bills
depending upon your usage . (To get best result after Film Installation,
Air-conditioning recommended Temperature is to be set on 26° C).


BLUERAY Window Film allow you to work peacefully within your environment. Film can significantly cut down glare caused by the sun. This will allow you to work, watch or surf the internet without having to squint your eyes or move around the room in response to glare caused by the sun. Anti-glare window film is a special type of sun
control film that helps eliminate a significant amount of unwanted sunlight and glare while allowing natural light to pass through. Whether it is the long sunny days of summer, the intensity of morning and evening sun, or the low-lying nature of the winter sun, the intense brightness and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can pose a problem year around. Compared to traditional solutions like blinds and screens, glare reduction window film is a more cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution that won’t obstruct
or block your view to the outdoors.

Increase Indoor Comfort

Comfort at Home
How to Enjoy Your Home – MORE – with BLUERAY Window Film
Effectively blocks out 99% of UV rays making interiors more comfortable. Direct Sunlight is literally a Radiaon. Standard window glass has no filter. Bad Energy from sun in the form of UV waves enters your home through your windows .Cause discomfort or even be a health hazard resulng or facing through Skin Cancer. With Nano Ceramic Window Film Installed You & Your Family can Enjoy throughout summer Peaceful sunlight Increasing comfort in mulple areas at your home. BLUERAY Film is designed to lessen the power of the sun while increasing the coziness of your home.


BLUERAY UV protection window films deliver an excellent way
to protect your home or office from heat and faded furnishings while
maintaining optimal visibility and natural lighting.Our window films
designed to effectively reduce UV ray transmission,can also help
improve your building’s energy efficiency and overall bottom line.